Dear Friends,

I write to thank all of you for your prayerful support and kindness during this time that I have been unwell. I do appreciate all the letters and cards that I have received. My especial thanks for the very thoughtful gift of a most generous book token and the libation from my favourite island of Harris. I have been catching up on reading during my enforced convalescence and the experience I had in the Royal Infirmary has given me much food for thought and ideas for sermons particularly on the subject of breath!

Anyway I cannot thank the National Health Service and those who work in it enough. Sadly, we often take this great institution for granted and do not appreciate how fortunate we are in this country. We will continue to remember all health workers at Mass especially during the vagaries of this current Covid pandemic.

I have noticed and appreciated how well things have been during my absence. I am most grateful to Fr Isaac and Fr David for covering the masses. The essential round of cleaning and gardening has, as usual, been operating well and the whole place just looks so good: a real oasis in the East End. I was talking to a couple from the Gallowgate the other day who really appreciated coming and sitting in the peace of the garden. They thought that it was just amazing and so it is. My gratitude is also offered to those who have prepared sheets and music for the Masses and set up the altars. It has all run so smoothly and professionally.

I hope to return to duties in August, but it will be a gradual easing back, so forgive me if I initially appear not quite as slick as I was.

Kindest Regards and looking forward to being back amongst you all,

As Aye,

Fr Emsley.