Kalendar for July 2024

DayDate Service times
Monday1stSerf, Bishop, c 5007.30 a.m. Low Mass
Tuesday2ndRequiem10.00 a.m. Requiem Mass
Wednesday3rdSt Thomas, Apostle7.00 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday4thFeria7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Friday5thSt Antony Mary Zaccaria, Priest7.30 a.m. Low Mass                     
7.30 p.m. Gaelic Mass
Saturday6thVigil Trinity VI
St Palladius, Bishop, c 450
8.30 a.m. Low Mass  
Sunday7thTrinity VI
Boisil, Prior of Melrose, c 642
8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday8thFeria7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Tuesday9thFeria10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday10thFeria7.00 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday11thSt Benedict of Nursia, Abbot, c 5507.30 a.m. Low Mass
Friday12thSt Drostan of Deer, Abbot, c 6007.30 a.m. Low Mass
Saturday13thSt Henry 2nd C8.30 a.m. Low Mass
Sunday14thTrinity VII
St Camillus de Lellis, Priest, 1614
8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday15thSt Swithin, Bishop7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Tuesday16thFor Prisoners10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday17thJane Haining, Missionary, 19447.00 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday18thFeria7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Friday19thFeria7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Saturday20thSt Apollinaris, Bishop & Martyr8.30 a.m. Low Mass
Sunday21stTrinity VIII
William Wilberforce, 1833
8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday22ndSt Mary Magdalene7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Tuesday23rdFeria10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday24thSt Sharbel Makhlut, Priest7.00 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday25thSt James, Apostle7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Friday26thSts Anne and Joachim,
Parents of Mary, Mother of the Lord
7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Saturday27thJohn Comper, Priest & Founder, 19038.30 a.m. Low Mass
Sunday28thTrinity IX8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m Parish Mass
Monday29thSts Martha and Mary of Bethany7.30 a.m. Low Mass
Tuesday30thSt Silas, Companion of Saint Paul10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday31stSt Ignatius Loyola, Priest and Religious, 1556  7.00 p.m. Low Mass