Services have now resumed at St. Margaret’s in line with Scottish Government guidelines. If you do intend to join us at a service please click here to read more about our ‘Return to Church

June 2021

Tuesday 1stSt. Justin of Rome, Martyr, c16510.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 2ndSts. Marcellinus & Peter, Martyrs5.30 p.m. Low Mass Cancelled
Thursday 3rdCORPUS CHRISTI7.30 p.m. Sung Mass
Friday 4thJohn XXIII, Bishop of Rome, 1963 
Saturday 5thVigil – Trinity I12.00 noon Gaelic Mass Cancelled
Sunday 6thTRINITY I8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 7thFeria 
Tuesday 8thSt. Ephrem the Syrian, Deacon & Teacher, 37310.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 9thSt. Columba of Iona, Abbot, 5975.30 p.m. Low Mass CANCELLED
Thursday 10thFeria 
Friday 11thSt. Barnabas, Apostle 
Saturday 12thJohn Skinner, Dean, 1807 & John Skinner, Bishop, 1816 
Sunday 13thTRINITY II8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 14thSt. Basil of Caesarea, 379 St. Gregory of Nazianzus, c390
St. Gregory of Nyssa, 394 – Bishops & Teachers
Tuesday 15thFor the Planet10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 16thSt. Richard of Chichester, Bishop5.30 p.m. Low Mass CANCELLED
Thursday 17thFeria 
Friday 18thSt. Bernard Mizeki, Martyr, 1896 
Saturday 19thTranslation of St. Margaret, 1249 
Sunday 20thTRINITY III St. Fillan, Abbot8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 21stSt. Aloisius Gonzaga, Religious 
Tuesday 22ndSt. Alban, Martyr, c20910.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 23rdRequiem5.30 p.m. Requiem Mass
Thursday 24thThe Birth of John the Baptist12.00 noon Low Mass
Friday 25thSt. Moluag of Lismore, Bishop, c5927.30 p.m. High Mass
Saturday 26thRobert Leighton, Bishop, 1684 
Sunday 27thTRINITY IV Alexander Jolly, Bishop, 18388.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 28thSt. Irenaeus of Lyons, Bishop & Teacher, 202 
Tuesday 29thSts. Peter& Paul, Apostles10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 30thThe First Martyrs of the Church of Rome5.30 p.m. Low Mass

JULY 2021

Thursday 1stSt. Serf, Bishop, c500 
Friday 2ndFeria 
Saturday 3rdVigil – Trinity V12.00 noon Gaelic Mass
Sunday 4thTRINITY V8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 5thSt. Antony Mary Zaccaria, Priest 
Tuesday 6thSt. Palladius, Bishop, c45010.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 7thFor the Sick5.30 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday 8thFeria 
Friday 9thSt. Augustine Zhao Rong, Priest, & Companions, Martyrs 
Saturday 10thFeria 
Sunday 11thTRINITY VI St Benedict of Nursia, Abbot c5508.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 12thSt. Drostan of Deer, Abbot, c600 
Tuesday 13thRequiem10.00 a.m. Requiem Mass
Wednesday 14thSt. Camillus de Lellis, Priest5.30 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday 15thSt. Swithin, Bishop 
Friday 16thSt. Osmund, Bishop 
Saturday 17thFeria 
Sunday 18thTRINITY VII8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 19thSt. Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop &Doctor and his sister, Macrina 
Tuesday 20thFor Peace & Justice10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 21stWilliam Wilberforce, 18335.30 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday 22ndSt. Mary Magdelene 
Friday 23rdSt. Bridget, Religious, Patron of Europe 
Saturday 24thFeria 
Sunday 25thTRINITY VIII St. James, Apostle8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. PARISH MASS
Monday 26thSts. Anne & Joachim, Parents of Mary 
Tuesday 27thJohn Comper, Priest & Founder, 190310.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 28thFor the Planet5.30 p.m. Low Mass
Thursday 29thSts. Martha & Mary of Bethany 
Friday 30thSt. Silas, Companion of St. Paul 
Saturday 31stSt. Ignatius Loyola, Priest & Religious, 1556