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December 2021 (January 2022 below)

Wednesday 1stCharles de Foucauld, Priest & Hermit, 1916 
Thursday 2ndSt. Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon, 1637 
Friday 3rdSt Francis Xavier, Priest & Missionary, 1552 
Saturday 4thVigil Advent II12.00 noon Gaelic Mass
Sunday 5thAdvent II8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass & AGM
Monday 6thSt Nicholas of Myra, Bishop, 4th C. 
Tuesday 7thRequiem10.00 a.m. Requiem Mass
Wednesday 8thThe Immaculate Conception of Mary 
Thursday 9thFeria 
Friday 10thFeria 
Saturday 11thFeria 
Sunday 12thAdvent III8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 13thSt Lucy, Virgin & Martyr 
Tuesday 14thSt John of the Cross, Priest & Teacher, 159110.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 15thFeria 
Thursday 16thFeria 
Friday 17thO Sapientia 
Saturday 18thO Adonai 
Sunday 19thAdvent IV
O Radix
8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 20thO Clavis 
Tuesday 21stSt Thomas, Apostle
O Oriens
10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 22ndO Rex 
Thursday 23rdO Emmanuel 
Friday 24thVigil of the Nativity6.00 p.m. Family Christingle Service
11.00 p.m. Midnight Mass
Saturday 25thThe Nativity of our Lord10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Sunday 26thSt Stephen, Deacon & Martyr10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 27thSt John, Apostle & Evangelist12.00 Noon. Low Mass
Tuesday 28thThe Holy Innocents12.00 Noon. Low Mass
Wednesday 29thSt Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop & Martyr, 117012.00 Noon. Low Mass
Thursday 30thJosephine Butler, Social Reformer, 190512.00 Noon. Low Mass
Friday 31stSt John Wycliffe, Priest, 138412.00 Noon. Low Mass

January 2022

Saturday 1stThe Most Holy Name of Jesus12.00 noon Sung Mass
Sunday 2ndChristmas II (St Seraphim of Sarov)10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 3rdFeria 
Tuesday 4thRequiem10.00 a.m. Requiem Mass
Wednesday 5thFeria 
Thursday 6thThe Epiphany of our Lord7.30 p.m. Sung Mass
Friday 7thFeria 
Saturday 8thVigil Baptism of our Lord12.00 noon Gaelic Mass
Sunday 9thBaptism of our Lord8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 10thWilliam Laud, Bishop, 1645 
Tuesday 11thDavid, King of Scots, 115310.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 12thSt Aelred of Rievaulx, Abbot 
Thursday 13thSt Kentigern (Mungo), Bishop, c 603 
Friday 14thSt Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop & Teacher, c 367 
Saturday 15thFeria 
Sunday 16thEpiphany II8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 17thSt Anthony of Egypt, Abbot, 356 
Tuesday 18thThe Confession of Peter10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 19thSt Wulfstan, Bishop 
Thursday 20thSt Fabian, Pope & Martyr 
Friday 21stSt Agnes, Martyr, c 304 
Saturday 22ndSt Vincent, Deacon & Martyr 
Sunday 23rdEpiphany III8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 24thSt Francis de Sales, Bishop, 1622 
Tuesday 25thThe Conversion of Paul, Apostle10.00 a.m. Low Mass
Wednesday 26thSts Timothy & Titus, Bishops 
Thursday 27thSt John Chrysostom, Bishop & Teacher, 407 
Friday 28thSt Thomas Aquinas, Teacher, 1274 
Saturday 29thFeria 
Sunday 30thSeptuagesima
King Charles I, 1649
Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 1788
8.00 a.m. Low Mass
10.30 a.m. Parish Mass
Monday 31stCharles Mackenzie of Central Africa, Bishop, Missionary, Martyr, 1862