The latest from the Rectory

From the Rector’s Desk – June/July 2023

I mentioned in a recent sermon that in research in the National Archives in Edinburgh I had come across a..

From the Rector’s Desk – April/May 2023

On the 12th of May we commemorate Thomas Rattray, Bishop of Brechin and Primus. There is a short article about..

From the Rector’s Desk Feb/Mar 2023

It was just the other day that one of the congregation said to me… “Aye that’s Christmas an’ New Year..

From the Rector’s Desk – Dec/Jan

Dear Friends, Wake, O Wake! is one of the great Advent Hymns which we sing to a German Chorale tune…

From the Rector’s Desk- August/September 2022

I am writing this letter to you in the week where we remember the death of our Founder Fr John..