I am writing this letter to you in the week where we remember the death of our Founder Fr John Comper. We also express our gratitude for his life and example and for his particular witness to the Gospel and his defence of Catholic Faith and Tradition. At times Fr Comper found himself alone  defending what he called the ‘native’ tradition of the Scottish Episcopal Church and I for one am delighted to follow in his footsteps.

I have just recently returned from a visit to Edinburgh where I was able to uplift the Comper processional cross which had been for repairs at the studios of Graciela Ainsworth in Leith. You will remember that Graciela executed major repairs on this cross several years ago. She is a highly credited restorer of ancient artifacts. It is great to see the Comper processional cross restored, cleaned up and back in situ. I am now considering the possibility of repairs to the Comper Virgin and Child statue in the Holy Name Aisle. Over the years it has been damaged in various places and it would be good to see it properly restored. I am sure that Graciela would be delighted to oblige. Whilst I was there in her workshopit was just fabulous to see the most recently excavated Aberlemno Pictish Stone and the Dalmally ‘Loch Awe School’ tombstones in her studios. She is just a delight to be with and it is good to see someone so dedicatedto their chosen career.

Recently Jamieson and Carrie did some restoration work on some of our silverwear. It so important to do these things because we are stewards of this place and of its artifacts and it is important to keep things in good order to hand on to future generations.

Talking about the future… the Vestry Away day at Bishop Hugh’s house in the Chanonry went well and we were very grateful to him for his kind hospitality. You will see in the magazine a report on the proceedings written up by David Jones our Treasurer and Lay Representative. I have every confidence that we are heading in the right direction and look forward in anticipation.

I am pleased to tell you that there are two baptisms in the offing. Thank goodness for that! I don’t know about you but I am getting a bit scunnered with all this Covid business and the attendant gloom and doom it generates. We have to be more up-beat as a community andbe enthusiastic about being able to look forward to the future with confidence. It is our collective responsibility to create community. That is something which is in our own hands to do. It is up to all of us to do this and I am asking you for your prayerful support. Please do consider this seriously.

There will be another Jumble Sale on Saturday August 13th in an attempt to clear the Guild Room. Again we will need help to man the stalls on the day and to set-up the evening before.Last but not least there is the Ceilidh on the 26th of August.

Oh and before I forget. I’ve just been to the Art Gallery in Schoolhill today. The Book of Deer exhibition is inspiring and so is the one on the Cabrach in the next gallery. Don’t miss either of these. They are both fabulous!

With all sincere best wishes,

As Aye,

Fr. Emsley