The 30th Gallowgate Festival is scheduled to occur this year on Saturday 5th August. It will not take the form of the the usual large event with stalls in the St Margaret’s Schoolyard but will take place in St Margaret’s Hall and spill out into the bottom Greyfriars Car Park.

Teas, Coffees, Rolls and Cakes will be available in the Hall. St Andrew’s Cathedral, St Mary’s, St John’s and St Margaret’s will have stalls along with some folks from the local community.

In Church there will be Organ Music playing and there will also be a Gaelic Mass at 12 noon. The Rector is planning to do several tours of the Church during the morning.

In the evening there will  be a Ceilidh in the Church Hall, music by Dennis Morrison. Before the Ceilidh begins the Raffle will be drawn. Please make sure that you get your tickets in on time.