October- November 2018

Dear Friends,

What an amazing summer it has been. Some things have done well in the garden… soft fruit, plums and apples. Quite incredible really. The Church garden somewhat peaked early due to the hot weather and some varieties of plants like sweet peas and dahlias did not do too well. Too hot I think and who would have ever have thought that in the NE? Anyway suffice to say we did well in the Garden Competition. We came in second for the third year running. Clan in Westburn Road again achieved the accolade of first prize and the undertakers in Causewayend came in fourth. At least we did not slip back. Oh well, better luck next year! Visitors at the Gallowgate Festival and Doors Open Day certainly appreciated the garden, lots of good things being said.


If you have been in Church recently you will have noticed that the East Window in the Holy Name Chapel has been cleaned. The window was Sir Ninian Comper's template for Christus Rex and the design was subsequently used in many places. The window looks fabulous and we should be very grateful Linda Cannon of Stained Glass Conservation in Glasgow. Even on the recent stormiest of days Linda was working away at the glass. The end result is great. Over a century of grime has been removed and the effect is stunning. Shortly work will begin in the Sacristy. It is intended that the walls should be lined with wood and therefore upgrading the place. This work has needed to be done for some time and will make a huge difference. The glass in the sacristy windows has been replaced as the seals had gone. Neil Scullion the joiner in Littlejohn Street will be carrying out the work.


Please remember All Saints and All Souls Day the 1 st /2 nd of November. The Masses are as advertised in the Kalendar. There will be the usual sheet available for names of those you wish to be remembered but who do not occur in the Chantry Book. The 11 th of November is of course Remembrance Sunday and it will exactly be 100 years since the guns fell silent bringing the dreadful carnage of World War I to an end. Christ the King that wonderful piece of liturgy will be celebrated on November 25 th therefore bringing the Liturgical Year to a close. In Christ the King Our Lord is enthroned in heaven, on the altar and in our hearts.


The Congregational AGM will naturally be held as usual on the 2 nd Sunday in Advent which this year is Sunday December 9 th after a shortened Parish Mass.

With all sincere good wishes,

As Aye,

Fr. Emsley