August - September 2019

Dear Friends,

My especial thanks to all of you who were present, and especially to those who travelled a great distance to be in attendance, at the Cathedral for my licencing as Dean Emeritus of Aberdeen & Orkney during the Diocesan Choral Festival on the evening of the 16th of June. It was kind of Bishop Anne to present me with this accolade for services rendered in the past when I was Dean of the Diocese. I did enjoy, as I am sure you all did, the fantastic repertoire of music at Evensong and my sincerest thanks to the organist, choirmaster and choirs. Not forgetting also all those who contributed towards and served the refreshments afterwards. It was a memorable evening and one that I shall treasure.

Bishop Bruce and his wife Elaine will be here on Sunday the 11 th of August. I know that they are both looking forward to being at St Margaret's and I trust that you will make every effort to be in Church that Sunday to welcome them again into this community. I am planning to go to Shetland on the ferry so pray for calm waters! The last time I went on the boat it was for the St Magnus pilgrimage, and the crossing, to put it bluntly, was diabolical, and I am a reasonably good sailor!

There will be the traditional buffet on the Sunday after the Assumption

Sea Sunday this year will be on the first Sunday in September. Hopefully that should encourage more of the Cadets to be in attendance as we will be back in school term-time.

There is also to be a Pilgrimage for the Formartine congregations to St Adamnan's Kirk on the Forvie Sands on Saturday 21 st of September. I shall be saying Mass at the ancient chapel site near the mouth of the Ythan. St Adamnan was Abbot of Iona and he composed the Life (Vita) of St Columba. He was also responsible for a Code of the Innocents in 697 AD which was probably the earliest attempt at legislation in Scots Law. As well as being domiciled in Iona in the West he was reputed to have been in the North East, the Glens of Angus as well as Glenlyon where his ancient bell is kept at the Church at the Bridge of Balgrie. He was reported to have averted the Plague in Glenlyon at the Black Stone.

Doors Open-Day is to be on Saturday the 7th of September and I am appealing for volunteers to man the Church for that event. If you can help then please let me know.

The Church gardens have been splendid this year. My especial thanks to Andy for his tireless assistance. At time of writing the judges for Aberdeen in Bloom are doing their rounds. We have tried some different varieties of plants this season so hopefully that might do the trick. For two years we have achieved 2nd place, so we await in anticipation. Certainly the cold June has meant that the roses are flowering later this year.

In December we are planning an ‘Away time' event at Tarfside in Glen Esk. The purpose of this is to share, discuss and learn more about the unique tenets of Scottish Episcopalian spirituality. I am leading this time away and I would encourage you to come along. It will be a good opportunity for us all to learn more about our Faith and beliefs. The added benefit is that Glen Esk is just a fabulous place to be.

Wi' a' blissuns forbye,

Fr. Emsley