June- July 2017

Dear Friends,

It now seems ages since Holy Week and Easter but I do want to record how pleased I was in the way we observed it this year. It was a very special time and my thanks to all of you for your dedication and support. Holy Week and Easter is without doubt a very devotional time at St Margaret's. It is our particular time of liturgical observance and excellence, and for that we as a community must be grateful. I am very appreciative for all that everyone did to contribute towards this. I must thank the clergy, the servers, the organist and choir, the readers and intercessors, the service sheet providers, the sacristans and brass polishers, the flower ladies, the cleaners and those who helped look after the church grounds. Also all who contributed and helped with the buffet and raffle on Easter Day. It was a great time and very much the bench mark of life in this place.


The summer seems to be slow in getting under way with the incessant North and East Winds, however I will say that I was absolutely delighted with the display of spring bulbs this year. I have just signed our entry papers for this year's Britain-in-Bloom Competition, so here we go again! I hope we gain the ultimate accolade!


At the beginning of June Provost Isaac and myself will be at the Northern European Cathedrals' Conference in Brunswick in Germany which is being hosted there to commemorate the 500 th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. It seems to be quite a big event so it will be good to experience that. On the Vigil of St Moluag, the 24 th of June there will again be a Sung Mass in Gaelic in the Cathedral at 3.30 pm. It is hoped that Niall Bachuil, will be in attendance with St Moluag's crozier,the BachuilBuidhe, from Lismore. If you want to see this most ancient of Christian relics then come down to the Cathedral for the Mass. It will be printed bi-lingually so it is easy to follow the service. St Moluag founded this Diocese at Mortlach, Dufftown in 566 AD, some thirty years before Augustine arrived in Canterbury! The music of the Mass is being composed by Sarah Rimkus, Composer at the University of Aberdeen. This will be the premiere of her composition.


As I said in a recent sermon we face a difficult period in the future provision of ministry in the City Centre Area. By the end of June there will be only Isaac and myself serving as full-time stipendiary priests in the City Centre and there are five congregations in the charges around Union Street. It is good that Richard Hines continues to look after St James on a house-for-duty arrangement and without the help of Fr John, Fr Jason Hobbs, Fr Andrew Errington and the Rev'd Jane Nelson we would be in dire straits. Please pray for the life and witness of the Church in the City Centre at this time. The recent Quiz Night for the City Centre Churches sponsored by St Margaret's was a great success and augurs well for the future and similar events.


Recently has been a demanding time at St Margaret's for Occasional Offices i.e. funerals, but we have also been blessed with a couple of weddings and two baptisms. One of the weddings was the marriage of two former pupils of St Machar Academy and that does please me because it shows that Chaplaincy and our involvement in it does work. There will be another baptism on Whitsunday which is traditionally one of the days for Baptism in the Christian Kalendar. We now at St Margaret's, being in line with the rest of the Church Catholic and following the Fifty Days of Easter, observe Whitsunday as the end of the Easter Season.


Corpus Christi is also our benchmark. I don't have to ask you to turn up for the Mass. I hope that you will make a determined effort to be present,


With all sincere good wishes as aye,

Fr Emsley.