St Margaret’s and its Rector are extensively engaged in Partnerships and Chaplaincies which help to keep us outward-looking in our Christian Discipleship.

We are officially partnered with Aberdeen College in the Gallowgate.

The Rector is a member of the College Ecumenical Chaplaincy Team, and the College has the use of St Margaret’s for Christmas and Easter Services.

We are also in partnership with the Sisters of St Margaret working in Haiti. The Convent was destroyed in the recent earthquake. The Diocesan Lent Appeal for 2011 is going towards the re-building of the Convent.

The Chaplaincy with TS Scylla Sea Cadets, who meet at Pocra Quay, and our involvement with the 4th Aberdeen Scouts, who meet in St Margaret’s Hall, keep us very much involved with young people. In addition, the Rector has had a very long association with School Chaplaincy at St Machar Academy in Powis.

The Rector is connected with Theatre Chaplaincy, which again brings us into contact with a wide group of people in the world of the Arts.

St Margaret’s has also had a longstanding relationship with the Burma Star veterans whose Colours are proudly displayed in the Church.