A Life Less Ordinary The Life of Father John Comper: Founder of St. Margaret of Scotland, Gallowgate.
Lecture delivered at St Margaret of Scotland on the Eve of the Feast of St James the Great, 25th of July 2003. Click here to view

The Rector recently delivered a talk to the Old Aberdeen History Society on Sir Ninian Comper. Click here to view

Sister Columba has compiled a brief look at the early history of the parish and the connection with St Margaret’s Convent. Click here to view.

Time Line  


Episcopalians are                           Congregation meets in                                          
Driven from the East Church             various places:
of St Nicholas.                               Castlegate 1722
                                                   Broadgate 1731
                                                   Blairton Lane 1742
                                                   (Demolished by Hanoverians Army in 1746)
                                                   Chapel repaired.
                                                   New building at 38, Castle Street.

1806                                                 1851

New Chapel built                           St John’s Crown Terrace
in Golden Square.                          is Consecrated.

1867                                                 1870

St Margaret’s opens as                  St Margaret’s Chapel opens
a Mission.                                   in Ferguson’s Court.


St Margaret’s is Consecrated



Lectures delivered by the Rector, click on the title to download PDF text:


NEW | Samuel Seabury Lecture King's College Nov 2011

Lecture delivered by the Rector in November 2011 on Samuel Seabury.

Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty, 400th Anniversary Conference, 15th/16th April 2011, at the Stables, Cromarty:
Lecture on the First Episcopate on Scotland.

Lecture delivered by the Rector at the 400th Anniversary Conference on Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty at Cromarty 15th/16th April 2011. This is an overview of the First Episcopate within the Church of Scotland from 1610-1638.

Strathclyde University Lecture: Liturgy: The Sacramental Soul of Jacobitism.

The enclosed is an investigation into the Liturgy and Jacobitism which was a paper delivered by the Rector at a conference on Jacobitism, held at Strathclyde University, 25th/26th June 2010.