Rector: The Very Rev'd Dr. A.E. Nimmo | Dean Emeratus | Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Father Alexander Emsley Nimmo was born in 1953. His first degree was in Divinity which he gained from Aberdeen University in 1976. He then attended Edinburgh Theological College from 1976-1978, concurrently with research studies at Edinburgh University. In 1978 he was deaconed at Inverness and priested there a year later, serving his title as Precentor of St. Andrew's Cathedral. 1981 saw him move to Stornoway to become Priest-in-Charge, becoming Rector in 1984. It was whilst at Stornoway that he graduated with a Master of Philosophy from Edinburgh University, the title of the thesis being: Charles Wordsworth, Bishop of St. Andrew's 1853-1892: Reconciler or Controversialist? (he was Scotland's first ecumenist). In 1984 he became Rector of St. Michael and All Saints, Edinburgh until 1990 and was chaplain to Edinburgh Prison from 1987-1990. He then moved back north to Aberdeen to become Rector of St. Margaret's. In 1993 he became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, Scotland and gained a Ph.D. (Doctorate from Aberdeen University) in 1997, thesis entitled: Bishop John Skinner and the Resurgence of Scots Episcopacy. In 1996 he was made Canon of St. Andrew's Cathedral Aberdeen and was appointed Synod Clerk in 2001. He is currently chaplain to a number of associations and societies. On the 21st of April 2008, he was instsalled as Dean of the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney.


Honorary Assistant Priest: Father David Wright

Father David Wright was born in 1923. He read for a Bachelor of Arts degree at Keble College Oxford in 1948. In 1952 he studied for the priesthood at St. Stephen's House Oxford and was deaconed in 1954. He was priested a year later and served his title at St. Silas Penton Street with All Saints in London. In 1957 he became Vicar of St. Clement Barnsbury and in 1966 became Vicar of St. Anne Wandsworth in the Diocese of Southwark. In 1973 he became priest-in-charge of Stanley then Rector of Dunkeld in the Diocese of St. Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dunblane until 1992. He was also Rector of Strathtay 1975 until 1992 when he retired from active ministry.